How to use the Tinctures

How to Use the Tinctures

  • Shake the bottle well before use
  • Use around 10 to 20 drops 3 to 6 times per day directly into the mouth or diluted first
  • You can dilute the drops in water, tea or juice
  • Add the drops to hot water should you need the alcohol to evaporate

The Benefits of Using Herbal Tinctures in Dropper form

  • It’s the most effective way of taking natural medicine
  • Fast Acting!
  • 9 x more effective than tablets or pills
  • Rapid & effective absorption through the mouth tissues
  • More than a third of the tincture enters the bloodstream
  • Immediately via the buccal and sub-lingual membranes found in the cheeks and under the tongue
  • It dispenses its active ingredients in a form your body can uses immediately
  • When the drops enter into your mouth, the micro-emulcification process allows the herb extract to
    be broken down for easier transportation, which speed up absorption
  • Easy, quick and convenient to use No water required – No measurements (Can blend it with water, juice or herbal tea.)
  • Perfect for those who dislike taking pills
  • No dilution of active ingredients in the gastrointestinal tract

Dropper versus Spray caps

  • About 5% of the spray lids get blocked or malfunction
  • Sprays can be too harsh and spray all over the mouth
  • Its easier to put drops directly into the mouth with a dropper or in a spoon
  • It is better undiluted
  • The dropper is easier and non invasive for kids
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