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Thought provoking and liberating is how I would describe the “Law of Attraction” workshop I attended this weekend at Samaya Tantra.Thought provoking – I learnt that manifesting successfully involves being specific with Divine on my “wants” …  like down to every detail I could think off to make my request crystal clear and to challenge myself on what I really wanted leaving no room for ambiguity or misunderstanding.  Liberating – it opened my mind to dream as big as I want!!! Often avoided by most of us due to fear of disappointment or being overpowered by thoughts of the risks.  The course steers you away from such fears and frees you to think wide…big…impossible becoming possible. It challenges you to overcome what is usually our greatest obstacle – ourselves!This was an excellent experience.  A light hearted time with a lovely group of people and co-ordinator that generously shared in a warm environment. I definitely recommend this workshop to all those also on the path to self-discovery, coupled with “The Way of My Soul” workshop which I also did earlier in August this year.  These workshops provide valuable teachings to all those ready to …open their minds…realize their Soul desires and… ready to do something about it. Enjoy the journey. Lisanya Pillay

“The Mindful Coaching for Kids course was far more than I expected it to be; it became an introspective and enlightening journey lead by a team of knowledgeable, wise and passionate people. This course takes you through all possible facets of working with children and teaches you so much about yourself in the process. I can’t wait to do my next course and workshop with Samaya Tantra and start taking their insight and fervour for helping people into the world!” Laura Brewer

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful operation you offer .I am really enjoying the online Reiki course, It is very easy to understand and to follow. The professional attitude displayed by you has been outstanding. You are always ready to help me if there are things I don’t understand and the attunements have been wonderful. My certificates have arrived promptly followed by so much encouragement. I would recommend to everybody to take one of your courses in fact I am considering taking your crystal course when I have completed my Reiki course. Once again thank you so very much for giving me a life changing experience and if anyone would like to mail me about your services feel free……Kindest Regards, Brian McFall   P.S. can’t wait to finish level 3

“ Hi, my name is Xolisile and I must say, I didn’t really trust that going to this workshop was going to be worth my while. I mean paying… for sitting in a room full of people and cutting pictures…err…sticking them on some board and calling it a “vision board”, I mean I can do that at home. Meeting Karen and sitting in that room was one of the best decision I have ever made in my life, it was more than cutting pictures. From the moment I wrote down the reason why I went to the work shop to actually cutting those pictures, I experienced profound moments, realized things about myself that I didn’t know I was experiencing. I know now that God has great plans for me. Going to the workshop is also a wonderful way to network because I got a contact that will help my plans take off quicker than I expected. Thank you Karen and hope you get more chances to change more lives.” ……Xolisile Mjingwana (Law of Attraction Workshop)

Dear Karen, I have so much to say, but for some reason I cannot put my words into paper. I am really inspired by your passion for women empowerment and hosting us to such a programme was such a great honour. I have been part of talks/programmes similar to this one, however I was always told what to do and not necessary how to do it. The creating 2016 programme has equipped me with the essential tools that I need in my journey to self- discovery.  It also made me realise that we have the ability to change our lives and that what happened to us was actually meant to happen. I also enjoyed my day with the group and I realise we somehow share the same life challenges. I do not want to call them problems anymore because now we are able to tap in to our inner selves and rise above them.  The activities were too simple on face value, however they had an underlying essential principles which required us to engage with spiritual self. This is often an area that we normally neglect in our lives, not because we do not know that it exist, but because we do not know how to actually tap in and engage. And for that I would like to thank you for your guidance.Thank you for restoring hope to the lives of women out there. I look forwarding to participating all the other programmes be it for myself or empowering other women.I really admire how you connect with us even after the workshop. I now know that I am not alone.I look forward to this journey with enthusiasm…….Boitumelo Shongwe  (Law of Attraction Workshop)

“Thank you so much Samaya Kids Club for opening doors to both us as parents but most importantly to the kids. My daughter loves every minute she spends at the Kids Club and enjoys the fact that all kids can engage, have fun and do all sorts of activities both in and outdoors which is really rare these days. She has learnt a lot since she’s been attending the club and always says she cannot compare the place to any other. She always feels at home when she is there….. Please keep up the good work!!!! and never stop.”….. Nomsa Ngwenya (Samaya Kids Club & Mindfulness for Kids)

“You helped Kehshalia to gain confidence ,taught her how to deal with challenges in a positive way, helped her see things from a different perspective and did it all in a week” (Samaya Teen Mindfulness Program)

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