School of Samaya
Trust Number: 2929/11

Registration Number: 2016/228074/08
Tax Reference Number: 9359555183

School of Samaya is a Not for Profit, Non Governmental, Non Discriminatory and Non Denominational Cause serving The Greater Good in Humanitarian Awakening and Environmental Care.

We are a privately owned sanctuary dedicated to the Awakening of the Soul
School of Samaya is an Internationally Accredited cause serving The Greater Good. Our core mission is the Awakening of Consciousness. In Life this manifests as Awareness, Intelligence and Compassion. Samaya Tantra is our Meditation School that offers Health Wellness, Spirit Coaching, Vibrational Healing & Internationally Accredited Certificate Training Courses to guide you beyond Life’s challenges. Our continued journey of over 30 years now, focuses on integrating our lives within the mystical powers of nature. This has lead us to adopt our exotic pets Amar, our gorgeous siberian tiger and Tara, our cutely fiesty bengal tiger.  Read more on the Mythical Powers of the endangered Tiger and why we have adopted Amar & Tara.

We expand our services to offer:
School of Samaya  is predominantly our eLearning Online Platform of affordable Internationally Accredited eCourses |
Samaya Tantra is our Healing | Meditation & Tiger Sanctuary for the Awakening of Your Soul |
Samaya Kids & Samaya Teens are treatments for your children |
Meditation in the Classroom is our SETA & SACE Accredited Mindfulness programs for Schools |
Meditation in the Workplace is our SETA Accredited Mindfulness programs for the Workplace |
Tantric Tinctures is our online all natural herbal product range that offers tangible product for home healing |

When you do a program at School of Samaya you engage directly with Tjaart and Karen however neither one takes any proceeds from the organisation. Read More about Tjaart and Karen. All donations for any of the services and programs offered stays within the organisation to fund its environmental and educational projects of The Great Work. Hence you contribute towards a greater cause when book with School of Samaya and any one of its business units.

Samaya refers to a set of teachings to help you towards self realization and preserving your life force energies. Tantra is an ancient body of beliefs and practices which, working from the principle that the universe we experience is nothing other than the concrete manifestation of the divine energy of the godhead that creates and maintains that universe, seeks to ritually appropriate and channel that energy, within the human microcosm, in creative and emancipatory ways. And as such Tantra is The Way of the Senses. Hence in Samaya Tantra, we hope to bring you the knowledge and teachings of Tantra to guide you to managing your stress, and living a mindful and happy life through understanding and self experience.

It is often taught that there are two schools of Tantra, the left-handed path and the right-handed path, depending on the nature of the practices. However, these two are actually divisions within one school, that of Kaula Tantra. The other two are the Mishra and Samaya schools of Tantra. All systems or methods of Tantra fall into one of these three schools, though there may be many subdivisions within these three.

The Kaula Tantra school utilizes external practices and rituals, while the Samaya school is completely an internal process. The Mishra Tantra school mixes the external practices and rituals, along with internal practices. The three schools are progressively higher, with Kaula Tantra being the lower, Mishra Tantra going further inward, and Samaya Tantra being the highest for those who are prepared to do the advanced practices. By being aware of all three schools of Tantra, one can more wisely see how Tantra might fit into his or her personal spiritual practices, not limiting one’s scope to the choice between the two Kaula Tantra paths. Each of the three schools of Tantra believe in purifying of the body, breath, mind, and the latent impressions called samskaras, which are the driving force behind karma. The purifying process is called bhutashuddhi, which means purifying of the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space in the various ways in which they manifest.

Each of the schools of Tantra also practice methods for awakening the spiritual energy of kundalini, though the methods and the height attained in that kundalini awakening may differ. Some of the methods of Tantra are taught under the names Kundalini Yoga or Kriya Yoga. Higher than both the Kaula Tantra and Mishra Tantra schools is that of Samaya Tantra. It is a purely tantric practice, without any external rituals. Its entire purpose is Self-Realization, ultimately leading to moksha, final liberation. Tantra is the path of the senses. We focus on all levels of being within this which is Physical | Mental | Emotional | Soul

We are all caught up in our daily routines of Life and Samaya Tantra guides you on using your senses, and applying this within your levels of being, in your daily routines to bring you closer and closer to the present moment and in a constant state of wonder and connect with not just your Soul by Divine and ultimately Consciousness as a Whole.

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