Is Samaya Tantra a religion?
– No! Samaya Tantra is not a religious organisation or sect.

What form of belief is Samaya Tantra?
– The teachings of Samaya Tantra is based on the science of energy and the universe from a metaphysical perspective. There is no belief just experience. A personal experience of what is true for you. Our journey revolves around who we are and what is the purpose of life and death.  Read more on Samaya Tantra.

Is Tantra about sex?
– No! Tantra is the path of the senses. We focus on awakening to the 6th sense. For householders, however,  the sensual act of lovemaking can be used for awakening however that is not our focus. Sex is just physical act while on the other hand, engaging in sensuality with your partner becomes and higher awakening experience. Keys of Yama explains this in further detail should you wish to read more.

What is the difference between School of Samaya and Samaya Tantra?
– The school is the umbrella body of the center. Within School of Samaya we have 5 different units:
1. Our eLearning Platform is our main body offering online affordable Internationally Accredited Certificate courses (www.schoolofsamaya.org).
Prices  are in dollars as we serve an international platform of students.
2. Samaya Tantra which is our Holistic Health and Wellness center for the awakening of the soul including treatments for Kids, Tweens and Teens.
Samaya Tantra offers energy vibrational healing, spirit guidance, health coaching and more. We also offers workshops, courses & training programs.
3. Meditation in the Classroom offers online eLearning training programs to educators, parents and anyone working with Kids, Tweens and Teens.
School of Samaya is also accredited in our Mindfulness Interventions in the Classroom through Services Seta and the South African Council for
Educators (SACE). CPD Points = 15 points per module and 200 hours of study. Email us should you wish to claim points. (www.meditationintheclassroom.org)
4. Meditation in the Workplace offers key note talks, team building programs and online eLearning courses helping to manage mental health in the
workplace. We are also accredited with SABPP and offer Training programs to the Human Resources & Management faculties. (www.meditationintheworkplace.org)
5. Tantric Tinctures is our product offerings for chronic illness, mental health, energy clearing and emotional healing. We have over 100 products that are
all natural, 100% organic in tincture or honey syrup forms. We also have a wide range for children. (www.tantrictinctures.org)

What is the schools teachings based on?
Our guidance and coaching is based on the wisdom of The Perennial Truth | Awakening of the Soul which guides us in understanding and applying this knowledge through being in the present moment. Tjaart has been a seeker of the truth since childhood and this is a life long quest for him for over 50 years now. He has been gifted with the knowledge for todays age of this cosmic creation and our place in it. Karen’s quest has been on understanding the cycles of life and death and the workings of energy. This has evolved her knowledge on how karmic influences affect our lives which has been the foundation of understanding and working with the laws of attraction and manifestation.

By no means do Tjaart and Karen claim to be enlightened or self realised however both have independently achieved worldly success through applying the principles of spiritual sciences they have received. Tjaart and Karen both live to serve the awakening of their soul and wish to share these simple secrets so that you too can achieve financial freedom and worldly success while still walking the path of awakening.


What services does the center offer?
Vibrational Energy Healing | Spirit Guidance and Coaching | Meditation | Pranayama | Workshops, Courses and Training Program

If I complete the training courses am I Internationally accredited?
Yes. School of Samaya is Internationally Accredited and your certification shows that you studied with an international school. You are then able to register as an International Practitioner should you wish with the International Practice for Holistic Medicine.

Can I get CPD Points?
Yes you are able to get CPD Points and hours as School of Samaya is registered with Services Seta and SACE. Please email us to enquire though.

Can I get registered hours for the programs I do?
Yes. Most of the programs are 200hours which you can be recognised for.


Does the center offer payment plans?
No unfortunately we do not however on our 12 week courses we do offer module based payment structures.

Why do I have to book online?
The online bookings helps us manage the time slots and availabilities much more effectively. In addition this aids in managing administration costs and saves the organisation on unnecessary expenses that is better utilised in our environmental projects.

What payment methods are available?
You are able to pay via EFT, Payfast, Paypal. Bookings are only confirmed once payment is received.

What if I need to cancel my booking?
We urge you to be sure when booking as cancellations affect future bookings. Due to parenting Amar & Tara we have limited time slots for now hence if you cancel that is lost time and money to the organisation. Please read the details of your selected treatment carefully as well as the disclaimer to understand the cancelation policy. Please note no refunds are given on cancelation and you get 1 rescheduled date.

Why do I have to arrive 15min earlier to my booking time?
You need to arrive 15minutes earlier for registration and orientation purposes. Registration includes signing the disclaimer and indemnity forms. Even if you have been to the center before you have to sign forms for each and every booking. The reason for this is due to having our pet Tigers on the same property as our Meditation Center.

Are there any loyalty discounts or members discounts?
Unfortunately no, however we market ourselves mainly through word of mouth hence we have a referral discount. Each booking has a place to note down the name of the person who referred you. And when you refer someone else you get a 15% discount accordingly.

Are there group bookings discounts?
Yes. However, most of our programs are individual programs as this journey of awakening is a singular one. However certain programs do offer group booking options with discounted prices per additional persons on the same booking.

Can the center customise programs?
Yes absolutely as long as it is within the scope of what we stand for. Eg. we can do a customised program for expecting parents to connect with their unborn soul through a guided meditation program or we can customise a group team building or women program for you. Email us with details and we can quote accordingly.

Why are there only selected booking times?
For the next 18 to 24 months we will have limited time slots due to both Tjaart and Karen parenting Amar and Tara. Right now they take priority in terms of time.


Why do I have to read the disclaimer?
Because we now have exotic pets on the property there are more rules that we have to ensure is followed to ensure your protection as well as the protection of the sanctuary and its pet tigers. We have also added a lot of booking information that makes it easier and quicker at time of registration otherwise we would be spending more time on this rather than your session.

Do I have to sign the disclaimer and indemnity form for every booking?
Yes! This is non negotiable again due to the above mentioned reasons. You will not be able to enter the sanctuary without a confirmed booking or signed disclaimer.

Why do I need to keep my silence?
We’re so caught up in life that everything is outside of us 99% of the time. At School of Samaya we are doing our best to create a sanctuary for you to connect to your souls voice hence silence is the best way to take you in.

Why are there no cell phones or cameras allowed?
Like any parent Tjaart and Karen want to protect their babies and hence no photos will be allowed. Secondly if you have read about our programs and want to book then make sure you are serious about your growth. When you enter our center we guide you to be fully present and not distracted about the events of your day. Lastly we pride ourselves on creating a high prana environment within a very rajasic area hence we highly appreciate you respecting and following the rules of our sanctuary.

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