TPT – The Trance of Life Masterclass | Talks on Self Mastery

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This Masterclass is based on The Perennial Truth –  Awakening of the Soul book by TLB Kruger.

This is not a Self Mastery program for the Ego but rather for the Awakening of Your Soul. In serving the Ego you go deeper into the dream called life but in serving the awakening of your soul you awaken the Intelligence of the Ego about who you really are and consciousness tends to take care of life for you. Its Kung Fu in motion 🙂

Discover the start to your journey of awakening
Deepen your understanding of the ego
Understand the purpose of awakening

Healing the Physical Body
Expanding the Mental Mind
Connecting to the Emotional Centres
Surrendering to the Causal Realms 
Becoming the Creator of your World

The masterclass focuses on understanding who we are as this entity called human beings. We go through an inner journey of understanding existence as we know it and understanding this ego complex and identity of who we are. The journey explores the 12 archetypes with a personalised chart on your active and dormant archetypes giving you context and understanding of why things have happened in your life and why you are where you are right now.

You will understand what energy actually is and how Karma works. We explore transactional energy exchanges and  how this affects our lives and we go deeper into understanding our own past lives and our sanskaras (unconsciousness impressions that have shaped one’s life), Vasannas (past karmic imprints that influences our current behaviour). With this understanding we then start working with the seals of self mastery to step beyond these conditionings that hold us back from being all that we can be.

We guide you on taking back the power of your life and bringing back purpose and meaning to our own existence. We go on a journey of finding our life’s purpose and the steps we need to take to ensure we manifest this reality.

You will experience change and shift from this masterclass. The tools and resources given on the talk are yours to work with for continued home practice and discipline to maintain this new way of living life abundantly.

Bookings are limited to 9 persons per masterclass.

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Topics of discussion include:
The Cosmic Entity | The Wheels of Time
Introduction to the the 12 Archetypes
Consciousness | Self-Awakening | Self-Realization | Journey of the Soul
Karma | Sanskara | Vasanas
The Four Signs of Enlightenment | The Great Work
Self Observation | Breaking the Seals | Present Moment and the Maha Khala

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