Beyond the Karmic Wheel of Life


Experience the transformation of your emotional causal being and the awakening of dispassion over this 4 week customised program.

Healing the Inner Child
Reprogramming your Unconscious
Awakening your intuitive abilities 
Resetting your Karma


Life Force Energy (Prana) is the key source to awakening. If your prana is low you attract negative forces and are caught deeper in the trance of life and the cycles of pleasure and pain. And if your prana is high you can easily awaken your soul and dissolve into consciousness. In this 4 week intensive Alchemy of Prana journey we guide you to on managing your pranic energy levels so that you may be able to experience the magic that life has to offer you. This program focuses purely on energy : what gives you energy and what is taking away your energy.

In this program you will understand what your active karmas are for this lifetime and learn how to attract what you want in your life. Gain insights on  how to manage instant karmas and understand how to master dormant karmas.  Each session is 2 to 3 hours with home practices and reflections for the week.


Inner Child Healing
Letting go of past trauma
Releasing stored toxic emotions
Forgiveness & Gratitude
Increasing your pranic forces
Taking back your powers of manifestation


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Session 1 :
In this session you will gain insights to the wellbeing of your inner child. Through intensive self reflection processes we open the doors to unveil the wounds of our inner child to understand how we sabotage our present moment.

Connecting to our Inner Child
30min – Self Sabotage Process
60min – Inner Child Regression
30min – Breaking the first seal of Tantra

Home Practices  : Understanding our Karmic Debts and Karmic Lessons. Breathwork & Meditation and Self Observations

Session 2 :
In this session you will be guided to go deeper into healing and nurturing your inner child. Through 
intensive vibrational healing processes for the subconscious and unconscious we take back our power in understanding and accepting our karmic debts. 

Healing our Inner Child
30min –  Karmic & Aura Fire Cleanse ( A Forgiveness and Letting Go Process)
60min – Pyramid and Sound Therapy healing for the subconscious and unconscious mental level of being
30min – Breaking the second seal of Tantra

Home Practices : Self Reflections. Mantra, Pranayama and Meditation

Session 3 :
In this session you are guided to awakening of your own psychic powers. Our sixth sense is a magical power that we do not use 
enough and in this session we guide you towards awakening of your third eye and work through a process of self acceptance.

Awakening Self Acceptance
30min – Breaking the 3rd Seal of Tantra
45min – iChing Oracle Divination in finding our higher purpose
45min – Copper Pyramid Healing and celebration of our inner child

Home Practices : Himalayan Kriya and Meditation

Session 4 :
In the last session we end where we began by comparing your Bio Scan from the first session to the last one after 3 weeks of treatments and vibrational medication. If our recommendations were followed through we should be able to see a shift and change to your body’s health, to your mental strength and to your emotional well being.

45min Breaking the 4th Seal of Tantra
45min Awakening Self Love
30min Spirit Coaching

Home Practices : Continued home practices


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