Self Mastery | A School Holiday Program for Teens

From: R1,350.00

This is a 3 day school holiday program for Teen Girls

What will be covered on this program:
1. Understanding who we are
2. Discovering Life, Death and all that happens in between
3. Who or What is God, Soul, Spirit and Consciousness
4. Dealing with Academic Pressures
5. Understanding Friendships and Social Issues
6. Grasping the essence of dating and relationships
7. Discovering our source of Self Love and Self Healing
8. Awaking Self Confidence 
9. Mastery over Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and Depression 
10. Embracing who we are
11. Understanding the transactions of energy and emotions
12. Finding our Higher Purpose 
13. Understanding the 12 Archetypes that make up who we are
14. Learning about subtle energies within ourselves and others
15. Expanding our Awareness and Awakening our Intuition
16. Energy Protection and Healing with Crystals and Salts and Smudge Sticks

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