Awakening of your Soul (90min | 1 Session)


This is an intensive half day workshop unveiling the trauma and walls that we have built thereof within our causal levels of being. One of the main reasons that blocks us from awakening or even the law of attraction is our very own ‘habits’ of self sabotage…that we are not even aware of.

In this workshop we guide you towards surfacing these ‘self sabotage habits’ to your conscious mind which then helps the healing and release process towards a new you.

Processes include:
SubConscious Release
Unconscious Healing
Karmic Cleansing
Auric Clearing
Crystal & Sound Vibrational Healing
Chakra Cleansing
Breathwork & Meditation
Kundalini Awakening

Book your session now to experience this amazing process of self awakening! This is a half day program that starts at 10am to 2pm.  Space is limited to 9 persons only.

Book your space today!

Disclaimer & Indemnity

Please take the time to read our terms and conditions of service before finalising your booking. School of Samaya will not be held liable if you don’t read and understand the disclaimer and indemnity prior to booking nor will we be held liable should you not read your emailed booking invite and booking confirmation :

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