Become a Spirit Coach for Kids & Tweens (Ages 3 to 12 years)


This program will introduce to you to various yoga & spiritual philosophies & practices. The purpose is to expose you to a variety of topics & techniques to inspire and ground you as a Spirit Coach for Kids & Tweens. Being a Spirit Coach refers to facilitating emotional intelligence to kids through various activities which includes yoga and breathing exercises. This is a great workshop for anyone who loves working with children and wishes to earn additional income or start their own business. It is a great program for pre-school and pre-primary Life Skills and Life Orientation educators and facilitators, and especially for parents. The program targets children aged 3 to 12 years. Find out more about our Teen Course as well as our Lets Play Yoga Facilitator Training Courses. Also have a look at our specific school programs

One on One Course Fee : R4950

Qualification : Samaya Kids Spirit Coach for Kids & Tweens. One completion of this program you can register with the International Practice for Holistic Medicines as an International Practitioner of this program

What do you get on the One on One  course:
4 Manuals
2 Graphic Books
Resource Posters Activities Templates and Resources
Tincture Box for Kids & Tweens
Certificate of Training

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The ultimate aim is for all of us is to grow through self understanding. Helping children perform at their own unique and creative self helps develop their sense of self awareness and self love. This is a comprehensive program.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Understand and apply Spirit Coaching & Mindfulness activities
  • Understand and apply the techniques of meditation
  • Understand different emotional behaviors by age
  • Understand the 4 levels of a child’s being
  • Understand the 12 different Archetypes of children
  • Understand the Life Path of the child
  • Develop your own sense of self and well being
  • Learn how to bring calm and focus to the child
  • Understand & apply various mindful coaching techniques


  • What is Spirit Coaching & Mindfulness
  • Spirit Coaching & Mindful Coaching Techniques
  • The 4 Levels of the development of children

Physical Awareness
Mental Awareness
Emotional Awareness
Universal Awareness

  • Breathing & Meditation Techniques
  • Mindfulness & Soul Activities
  • Lets Play Meditation
  • Lets Play All About Me
  • Lets Play My Thoughts
  • Lets Play My Feelings
  • Lets Play Healing with Crystals & Colours
  • Being a Spirit Coach


After completing this course you will be able to facilitate..

  • One on One Spirit coaching programs for Kids & Tweens
  • Group Spirit Coaching programs for Kids & Tweens
  • School Holiday Spirit Coaching Programs for Kids & Tweens
  • Aftercare Yoga & Meditation programs for Kids & Tweens
  • Aftercare and Weekend Spirit Coaching programs for Kids & Tweens
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