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Each one of us has come to this world with a specific purpose. This purpose represents the next phase of the awakening of your soul. On the one hand the forces of life attempt to steer your ego’s growth toward perfection. On the other hand the higher purpose of the soul is to awaken from the dream called life. When you pursue your life’s purpose, it in turn directly supports your soul’s potential awakening. Such is the nature of your life’s purpose: it supports both the short term growth objectives of the ego, while also supporting the longer term objective of your spiritual awakening.

When you do not pursue your life’s purpose, both objectives slip by the wayside and you will begin to feel that your life has no meaning even though you may be quite successful in life. There are many wealthy people in life who feel their life has no meaning. Illness is often an indicator that you are not pursuing your life’s purpose as is a lack of energy. If you constantly feel tired this is a sure sign.

When you pursue your life’s purpose, you will be filled by an abundance of energy. Your activities will often seem effortless and you may even become aware that you are enabling or participating in something that is far greater than you. In short, you will be filled by a sense of purpose which lends meaning to your daily life. This is how you know when you are on the right path.

Now what stops you from finding your purpose is the disconnect of the 12 Archetypes of the Ego.

In this course we guide you on:
Understanding each archetype and its role
Understanding what karmic influences have affected specific archetypes
Understanding which archetypes suffer from childhood trauma
Understanding how to heal and nurture the inner child archetypes
Understanding how to discover your life purpose
Understanding how to discover your higher life purpose
Understanding how to maintain integration of your 12 archetypes

After completion of this program you will not only have mastered your life but you will be able to coach others on :

Understanding life!
Making people understand why they keep facing the same obstacles? Make people understand why life seems unfair and confusing?

Understanding oneself!
Allowing people to discover who they really are and how to manage their state of happiness when dealing with external circumstances.

Finding ones life purpose!
Guide people towards their life purpose and meaning

Find ones higher purpose!
Life purpose is to do with the material world and higher purpose is to do with ones awakening. The secret to life is this balance. You will be able to guide people towards releasing old patterns of conditioning and guide them in finding their higher purpose!

This course is a 4 module program run over 4 weeks. Each module is 3 hours with home practices and assignments to complete. When booking select the first date of when you would like your first session and on booking confirmation we will confirm your module training dates.

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