MahaChakra Tantra Energy Healing

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This is an ancient art of healing which is intensively simplistic yet profoundly effective in healing the body of physical illness, the mind of mental illness and instils self love and self compassion within oneself and one’s client.

This intensive 4 week course is set in 4 Modules. Each session is 3 hours with home practices and assignments.

Module 1: Vibrational Energy Medicine
This session sets the tone for the entire program and lays the foundation of working with energy for the purposes of healing.

Module 2: Usui Ryoho Reiki I, Pranic Energy Healing
Read More on what you will learn and master.

Module 3: Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing & Third Eye Awakening
Read More on what you will learn and master

Module 4: The Science of MahaKala & MahaChakra Tantra Energy Healing
In the last 3 sessions we empower you with vibrational mudras, mantras , yantras and meditation techniques that takes your healing deeper to a molecular level within the body. In addition you learn the secrets to awakening kundalini energies.

This program can be done as a one on one course or a group program of maximum 6 persons.

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After completion of each module you recieve a certificate accordingly. In addition you receive a certificate of training that entitles you as a MahaChakra Tantra Energy Healer of School of Samaya.

There are no franchise fees or costs just the energy transaction of Karma which is discussed on the course.

Referral Discount:
This program can be done in a maximum group of 6 persons. You will get 10% discounted on your course fees, for every person that you recommend who books and signs up for this course. So as an example, if you have recommended 4 persons and each have signed up you get 40% referral fee discounted off your course fees. 

And if the person who you recommend gets another person to sign up then he/she also gets the 10% discount. So everyone benefits.

The Referral Fee program is completely confidential as well.

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