MASTER COURSES | Awakening of the Soul


You will be able to coach and guide people :
to learn how to harness the life force energies around us
to learn the kung fu of dispersing negative energies
to learn how to shift energies from negative to positive
to let go of the past and its baggage
to learn how to connect with self love
to learn how to find self acceptance
to find their higher purpose
to realise their karmic debts
to realise their karmic lessons
to awaken their third eye
to awaken their heart chakra
to awaken their higher consciousness
to initiate conversations with their Soul

The Alchemy of Prana


This 4 week teacher training course on The Awakening of the Soul is a one on one training program on Spirit Coaching, Healing & helping others transform their lives. Family and friends group programs can be done limited to 6 persons only.

Each session is 3 hours (10am to 1pm) and runs over 4 weeks. Each week includes a personalised training session, with related course materials and resources.

Intro Video

Experience the transformation of your own self and become a AOTS coach

  1. The Wheels of Time and The Three Gunas.
    What is Prana | Understanding what your levels of being are and how they operate
  2. The 7 Spirits.
    Learn about your 7 realms of energy centers and how they function
  3. The 12 Disciples.
    Analyse your 12 archetypes and how they sabotage your life
  4. Change comes from within.
    Learn the ancient techniques of Himalayan Kriya | Pranayama
  5. Karma.
    Accept your Karmic lessons, karmic debts and karmic influences. Now let’s change what you attract!
  6. Fire Release and Forgiveness of Self.
    Healing of the Subconscious Mind
  7. Mudras, Mantras & Yantras.
    Increasing your prana through vibrational postures, sounds and visualisations
  8. Energy Clearing and Cleansing
    Smudge Sticks, Vaastu, Feng Shui, Crystals and Elixirs
  9. The Laws of Attraction
    Master the secrets of the law of attraction
  10. The Laws of Manifestation
    Master the secrets of the law of manifestation
  11. Higher Purpose.
    Discover your souls blueprint and serve your higher purpose
  12. ShivaShakti.
    The Greater Good


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