Self Sabotage | Mastering The Trance of Life 

Healing the Physical Body
Expanding the Mental Mind
Connecting to the Emotional Centres
Surrendering to the Causal Realms 
Becoming the Creator of your World

You will learn knowledge, tools and techniques in helping people towards Self Mastery
Discover the world we live in and how it works
Get to know who you really are
Uncover the secrets of people and who they actually are
Understand your active and passive Archetypes
Move beyond The Trance of Life
Learn how to protect your energies and empower yourself
Understand your levels of being and how they function
Learn about energy and the movement thereof
ReCreate your world and attract abundance
Learn special processes for stress management and mental health
Find your Higher Purpose

This 4 week Self Mastery program is customised to your needs. Each session is 120minutes with knowledge, techniques and processes to help you step beyond your trance of life and open you up to the magic of abundance.

Based on the book The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul. Watch the Book Video.

Knowledge is only powerful if it is applied and if the experience transforms your MIND which in turn transforms your life and what you attract. Our 4 week intensive Self Sabotage program takes you on a journey of going beyond The Trance of Life. We take you through a step by step process of understanding this cosmic creation of life and allow you to experience the full potential of who you really are. This is also a great program for spiritual healers, practitioners and seekers who wish to understand what they are experiencing.

This program focuses specifically on your subconscious and unconscious conditionings and habits and how to heal your inner child. Each session is 2 hours with home practices and reflections for the week.


Session 1 :
In this session you will gain insights to your levels of being and who you really are. The Copper Pyramid Healing will give you insights into your inner child regression and with our creative therapy practices we help you understand your mental blockages that is sabotaging your 
attraction of abundance and prosperity.

Who are you?
 What is your LIFE purpose?
Your seven realms of existence
Your trinity and pendulum of polarity
The Three levels of Being
Understanding your wheels of time?

The session includes a copper pyramid healing. Healing the subconscious wounds through the pyramid vibrational energy healing which includes understanding our karmic Influences and regression therapy.

Home Practices : Pranayama, Meditation, Diets and Lifestyle Changes and Self Observations

Session 2 :
In this session you will be guided to go deeper into unveiling the source of your suppressions and reconnect with your inner child for deep sub-conscious and unconscious healing and nurturing.

Inner Child Healing
Intuitive Creative Art Therapy & Spirit Coaching on Life Changes
Understanding your 12 Archetypes

In this session you will receive a detailed personalised Astrology and Archetype analysis report.

Home Practices : Pranayama, Meditation & Self Observations

Session 3 :
In this session we guide you towards breaking the chinas of self sabotage by discovering your higher purpose. Your personalised numerology charts will give you guidance towards your souls purpose for greater meaning to your life. With the egyptian pyramid vibrational healing process we cleanse and clear your etheric fields to provide a space for the activation and awakening of your third eye so that you may be able to connect to your higher self to guide you on your journey.

Taking back your power
Vision board
Finding your higher purpose and meaning
Egyptian Pyramid Healing and rejuvenation of body, mind and emotions
Aura & Karmic Cleansing and cellular energy healing

In this session we reset the sub conscious and unconscious minds

Home Practices : Mind Power and Intention through vision projections and mantras

Session 4 :
In the last session we awakening ourselves to new possibilities and 

Beyond Self Sabotage
We understand our own Karmic lessons and debts and reset new sanskaras and vasanas
The Four Signs of Self Mastery
The continued practice of Self Observation
Breaking the Seals
Present Moment and the Maha Khala

Home Practices : Continued home practices



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