Your Body Speaks Your Mind

Healing the Physical Body
Creating Mental Understanding 
Fostering Emotional Acceptance 
Letting Go the Trauma
Recreating your World


Improved Physical Health
Healing of Chronic Illness
Increased Self Love
Better Mental Health
Less Stress and Anxiety
Balanced emotional wellness
Finding your passion
Finding your Higher purpose
Changing your world
Manifesting your Desires

This program includes your Bioplasm Chakra & Full Body Scan and detailed chart analysis around your health on all levels.

Experience the transformation of your physical health and wellbeing over this 4 week customised program.

Donation Fee: R3600

Whatever trauma we have experienced in our past is stored in our subconscious mind and this manifests in our physical world. What we attract is a result of what we have stored in our unconscious mental level of being. Through our intensive 4 week Your Body Speaks Your Mind Spirit Coaching program we help you become master of your body by breaking the first seal of Tantra. Take back your power and let’s push the reset button on what makes you happy.

This program focuses specifically on your physical body illnesses and how to heal the body and reset the mind. Each session is 2 hours with home practices and reflections for the week.

Session 1 :
In this session you will gain insights to your bodys health and wellbeing of all organs. The Bio Resonance scan will give you insights into your illness and we help you understand your mental blockages that is causing the illness of your body.

Allowing our body to speak
30min – Bio Resonance Full Scan of the 12 Body Systems
15min – Bio Resonance 7 Chakra Scan of the organs of the energy centres
45min – Quantum Vibrational Meta Therapy Healing
30min – Spirit Coaching on Your Body Speaks Your Mind, Blood Group Diet and recommended Tantric Tinctures for healing and coaching on actions needed

Home Practices : Diets and Lifestyle Changes and Self Observations

Session 2 :
In this session you will be guided to go deeper into unveiling the source of your body illness and reconnect with your inner child for deep sub-conscious healing and nurturing.

Inner Child Healing
30min – Intuitive Creative Art Therapy & Spirit Coaching on Life Changes
45min – Cellular Body Vibrational Healing through Pranayama & Meditation
45min – Healing the subconscious wounds through the pyramid vibrational energy healing which includes understanding our karmic Influences and regression therapy

Home Practices : Mantra, Pranayama and Meditation

Session 3 :
In this session we help you understand who you are and guide you towards taking back your power. Your personalised charts will also give you guidance towards your life purpose and true souls journey for greater meaning to your life. With the vibrational healing we cleanse and clear your etheric fields to provide a space for the activation and awakening of your third eye so that you may be able to connect to your higher self to guide you on your journey.

Taking back your power
30min – Spirit Coaching on your Archetypes and their effects on your mind
45min – Spirit Coaching on your numerology charts for finding your higher purpose and meaning
45min – Copper Pyramid Healing and rejuvenation of body, mind and emotions. Includes Aura & Karmic Cleansing and cellular energy healing

Home Practices : Mind Power and Intention through vision projections

Session 4 :
In the last session we end where we began by comparing your Bio Scan from the first session to the last one after 3 weeks of treatments and vibrational medication. If our recommendations were followed through we should be able to see a shift and change to your body’s health, to your mental strength and to your emotional well being.

45min BioScan
45min Quantum MetaTherapy Healing
30min Spirit Coaching

Home Practices : Continued home practices


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